directed by_ LEE Seong-tae
PARK Hae-soo, SEO Yea-ji
A strong advocate of the concept ‘thoughts create reality’ that he insists as by quantum physics, a former bar waiter Chan-woo’s dream is to run his own high-end nightclub. With the backing of a big shot moneylender, Chan-woo manages to scout Eun-young, a legendary floor manager in the business, and endeavors to turn his thought into reality. One day, Chan-woo witnesses a famous rapper named Fractal causing trouble at a bar where he used to work. While helping out to defuse the situation, he finds out that Fractal is high on drugs and sneaks this to Park Ki-hun, a senior inspector at the police intelligence bureau, whom he’s been working for as an informant. Park soon arrests Fractal and forces him to fess up names of the people involved. One of the drug buddies Fractal reveals turns out to be the son of an infamous loan shark Don Baek, who is rumored to be a sponsor of the Chief Presidential Secretary. Wanting to make a high profile arrest that could lead to exposing political corruption that has been beyond his reach, Park gets Fractal to hold a drug-fueled party to arrest Baek’s son at the scene of the crime. And against his own wish, Chan-woo is forced to help Park in capturing Baek’s son. However, someone tips this off to a prosecutor named Yang who’s been waiting for the chance to blackmail Don Baek. And Park’s ambitious crack down goes horribly wrong as prosecutor Yang’s team raids the scene first. Caught in the middle of a complicated situation, Chan-woo now must struggle to get out of the chaos to save his own life.