full title
  • Director KIM Seung-woo
    Year 2019
    Status In post-production
    Genre drama, thriller
    Starring LEE Young-ae, YOO Jae-myung
    Running Time 0 min.
    Country of Production South Korea
    Festival & Awards
    Synopsis Jung-yeon’s 6-year-old son Yoon-su disappeared in a playground near her home. It’s been 6 years since she and her husband Myeong-guk searched for him tirelessly. Myeong-guk dies in a freak accident and Jung-yeon receives an encouraging tip. The tipster provides detailed information about Yoon-su that wasn’t included on the missing person flyer and she doesn’t hesitate to drive down to a fishing spot in the country.
    Upon arrival, she feels strange vibe from the owners and residents of the sleepy village where the fishing spot is located. She looks for a boy named Min-su, whom the tipster said was her son, but everyone there denies that a boy of that name exists. The villagers lock up Min-su in a container but he manages to slip out. While attempting to flee, he gets caught by the villagers and is chased to the end of the seawall. Will Jung-yeon ever find her son Yoon-su?