full title
  • Director MIN Kyu-dong
    Year 2015
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring JU Ji-hoon, KIM Gang-woo, LIM Ji-yeon
    Running Time 102 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2015 Karlovy Vary Int’ Film Festival - Horizons
    2015 Sitges Int’l Fantastic Film Festival - Official Fantastic - Special Screening
    Synopsis The year is 1504, mid-point of Joseon Dynasty. Upon tyrannical king Yeonsan-gun’s order, his trusted subjects IM Soong-jae and his father are dispatched all over the country to find the most beautiful girls who will entertain the king and to train them for his carnal pleasures.

    Meanwhile, Soong-jae realizes that the girl he had been searching for over the years is among the thousands of candidates. The beautiful Dan-hee had voluntarily became a candidate wanting to be the king’s consort for revenge. Unbeknownst to others, her father was branded a traitor and was murdered by the king when she was a child. Defeating all competitors, she manages to get selected to bed the king, but just before her chance to kill the king, she gets arrested by the palace security and is locked away.

    Enraged, Yeonsan-gun orders Soong-jae to execute her personally, but he fakes her death and sneaks her out of the palace. He then gets involved with a group of officials who are plotting to dethrone Yeonsan-gun, putting an end to the tyrant king and himself.