full title
  • Director CHO Jae-min
    Year 2017
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring PARK Jin-Young, Ji Woo
    Running Time 120 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2016 Jeonju Int’l Film Festival - Jeonju Cinema Project
    Synopsis Min-sik’s family moves to a quiet town called Gosung. At the new school, he meets Ye-ju, a girl being bullied by the classmates because her father has been accused of sexual assault and murder of a teenage girl. Giving into peer pressure, Min-sik joins the bullying and other misdeeds, while the thought of Ye-ju’s gaze continuously bothers him. He guiltily sympathizes with her and finally reaches out to her.

    The two fragile souls become each other’s relief. One day, they find a stray goat and together they take care of it with compassion. However, the owner of the goat finds out about this and takes the goat back to his sketchy farm. Although they try every means to save the goat, they keep facing obstacles. Gradually, Min-sik’s sympathy is questioned by the ugly reality.