full title
  • Director HEO Jong-ho
    Year 2011
    Status Completed
    Genre action
    Starring JEONG Jae-young, JEON Do-yeon
    Running Time 119 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2011 Toronto Int’l Film Festival - Special Presentation
    Synopsis TAE Gun-ho is a cold, emotionless collection agent with a 100% rate in retrieving money. One day, he is suddenly hit with the bomb that he has terminal liver cancer. His only chance is to get a transplant within just 10 days. After much searching, TAE Gun-ho finds out his right match is a beautiful con-artist who is in prison, CHA Ha-yeon. Everyrhing CHA does is a lie except for her breathing. When he asks for the transplant, Ha-yeon agrees on the condition he locates CHO Myung-seok who put CHA in prison. After using TAE Gun-ho in his dire situation to find CHO, Ha-yeon ditches him and runs away. Gun-ho starts desperately chasing after Ha-yeon.