full title
  • Director HUH Jong-ho
    Year 2018
    Status Completed
    Genre creature
    Starring KIM Myung-min, KIM In-kwon, LEE Hye-ri, CHOI Woo-shik
    Running Time 105 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2018 Sitges Film Festival - Panorama Fantastic Section - Audience Award Winner
    2018 Fancine Malaga Film Festival - Opening Film
    2018 San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Film Festival
    Synopsis A Mysterious Creature Terrorizes Mount Inwangsan
    It’s the 22nd year of Jung Jong. The plague has taken over Joseon, and fear runs rampant in the streets. When rumors of a vicious beast roaming Mount Inwangsan–called “Monstrum” by terrified masses–begin to spread, fear turns into panic. In order to quell the rising panic, Jung Jong brings back his most trusted general Yun Kyum from retirement. Joined by his daughter Myung, his right-hand man Sung Han, and royal court officer Hur, Yun Kyum sets out to find the mysterious creature.
    Is the creature, Monstrum real? Or a figment of the fearful mass’ imagination? Will the people of Joseon ever live in peace again?