full title
  • Director KIM Ki-duk
    Year 2004
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring LEE Uhl, KWAK Ji-min
    Running Time 95 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2004 Berlin Int’l Film Festival - Competition - Silver Bear for Best Director
    Synopsis Yeo-jin is a teenage girl who lives happily with her detective father. Her best friend Jae-young prostitutes herself while Yeo-jin helps Jae-youngher by managing their clientele and saving up their profits for their planned trip to Europe. Jae-young tells Yeo-jin about an old Indian tale where a prostitute named Vasumitra turned men into faithful Buddhists after she had sex with them. Jae-young asks Yeo-jin to call her Vasumitra from now on.
    Later on, Jae-young ends up falling attached to one of her customers. But Yeo-jin gets angry with Jae-young for getting too close to her customer. For her best friend, Jae-young leaves the man.
    One day, cops come to the motel to search for prostituting minors, Jae-young jumps out of a window andhas her head injured. plummets to the ground. On her deathbed, Jae-young asks Yeo-jin to bring the guy she liked. Yeo-jin goes to meet him, but the man doesn't want to see Jae-young. He asks her if she has sex with him, he will go. Yeo-jin reluctantly accepts his proposal for the sake of her dying friend. However, Jae-young is already found dead before they arrive at the hospital.
    Shocked by her best friend’s death, Yeo-jin starts meeting Jae-young's customers one by one, but instead of getting paid she rather pays them back. The men are surprised at Yeo-jin's behavior, and they later regret what they did to a hischool girl.
    Gradually, Yeojin meets men happily like Jae-young.
    One day, Yeo-jin's father coincidentally spots Yeo-jin with a man and he starts to tail him. From that day on, he beats up those men and he ends up killing one of Yeo-jin's men. One night, he asks Yeo-jin to go on a journey...