full title
  • Director KIM Ki-duk
    Year 2002
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring JANG Dong-gun
    Running Time 95 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2003 Karlovy Vary Int’l Film Festival - Competition
    Synopsis At a tranquil coastline off the East Sea, there’s a warning sign that reads, “Warning! Anyone who enters this zone after 7:00pm can be mistaken for a spy and shot!”

    While others are goofing around at the Coast Guard unit, aka “Bat Base,” Private Kang is filled with determination as he avidly trains alone to catch any spies who try to sneak in from the coastline. One night at the military patrol zone, a drunken couple, Mee-young and Young-kil, are making love and Private Kang spots them through his night vision binoculars. As Private Kang sees the back of the man’s bluish-green figure, he becomes riddled with fear and shoots his automatic rifle in no time. The man gets shredded into pieces by bullets and grenades.

    Heedless of Private Kang’s trauma, commanding officers in the unit award him a period of leave for catching a spy, in order to escape responsibility for killing a civilian. While on break, he meets his girlfriend and confesses the truth, but she leaves him in the middle of the night. After returning to the unit, Kang’s behavior becomes more and more violent, and later becomes discharged after a doctor diagnoses him with a mental disorder. But no matter how much they try to stop him, Kang can’t stay away from the “Bat Base.”

    Meanwhile, having witnessed the gruesome death of her lover, Mee-young goes mad and mistakes any man around the base for her lover. The soldiers take advantage of her one by one, and her trauma worsens. The beautiful coastline becomes a living nightmare for everyone as Private Kang and Mee-young wreck havoc around the shores.