full title
  • Director Hong Sangsoo
    Year 2006
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring KIM Seung-woo, KO Hyun-joung, SONG Sun-mi, KIM Tae-woo
    Running Time 88 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2007 Berlin Int’l Film Festival - Panorama
    Synopsis Film director, Joongrae (Kim Seungwoo), is preparing for his next movie but is unable to finish his script. So he pleads his friend, Chang-wook (Kim Taewoo), a production designer, to go with him on a trip even though Changwook had already made plans with his girlfriend, Moonsook (Ko Hyunjoung), a composer. Eventually Changwook brings his girlfriend along and they all go on a trip to the west coast to visit Shinduri Beach Resort, which is covered with cherry blossoms and a flowing mist. There, Joongrae makes advances on Changwook’s girlfriend, Moonsook. Already a fan of his films, Moonsook doesn’t hide her interest. So later, while avoiding Changwook’s eyes, the two spend a heated night together. But the next day Joongrae’s face is filled with anxiety as he proposes to go back to Seoul. He and Moonsook then part awkwardly.
    Two days later, Joongrae is back again in Shinduri. He tries to let Moonsook know that he is back in Shinduri but he is unable to reach her and leaves the message. Then, he runs into a young woman named Sunhee (Song Sunmi). Telling her that she resembles a woman that he’s thinking of as a character in the film, Joongrae approaches Sunhee for an interview. They, too, end up spending a night together. Moonsook arrives at the scene with the intent to be with Joongrae. But seeing him being with Sunhee, Moonsook goes to drink on her own out of anger...