full title
MIDNIGHT (W/T) (2020)
  • Director KWON Oh-seung
    Year 2020
    Status In post-production
    Genre thriller
    Starring JIN Ki-joo, WI Ha-jun, PARK Hoon, KIM Hye-yoon
    Running Time 0 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards
    Synopsis A life-threatening hide-and-seek between a psychopathic killer and a deaf woman

    Kyung-mi, a girl with hearing impairment lives with her mother. Working at the customer call center, one day she storms out of an unpleasant dinner with the client and drives home after she picks up her mother. Meanwhile, the murderer Do-sik spots Kyung-mi's mother waiting for her daughter who went to park her car but changes his target when another girl So-jung passes him by talking on the phone. So-jung gets stabbed by Do-sik in the back alley and is found by Kyung-mi, who ends up becoming Do-sik’s new prey.