full title
  • Director KIM Jin-won
    Year 2019
    Status Completed
    Genre horror, mystery
    Starring SEO Yea-ji, JIN Sun-kyu
    Running Time 85 min.
    Country of Production South Korea
    Festival & Awards
    Synopsis An aspiring director Mi-jung struggles to come up with ideas for a new horror film. Even intense bouts of nightmares won’t stop her from compulsively reaching out for her laptop every morning. One day, her friend Jun-seo tells her about a mysterious film rumored to be shot by a ghost, by which she is instantly intrigued. While researching on the film, she starts writing herself into her film. That is, she writes about a film director following the traces of the banned film footage shot by a ghost. However, the closer she gets to the truth, and the more spotlight she gets from her writing, she finds strange things taking place in her life. As if she has stepped into a horror film, the line between her film and her life blurs, thrusting her into an ending entirely unpredictable.