full title
BREATH (2007)
  • Director KIM Ki-duk
    Year 2007
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring CHANG Chen, ZIA, HA Jung-woo
    Running Time 84 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2007 Cannes Film Festival - Competition
    Synopsis On a cold winter day, after learning her husband has found a new woman, YEON absent-mindedly heads for the prison where JIN is confined. Although she doesn’t know him personally, repeated news of his suicide attempts on TV had subconsciously grown in her mind which now is leading her to seek him.

    JIN has no visitors and normally would not agree to meet a complete stranger, but hearing that it’s a woman, he accepts her request out of curiosity. Their first encounter is as awkward as it can get. YEON treats JIN like an old friend whereas JIN doesn’t open up so easily.

    To JIN’s surprise, YEON comes back for a second visit. This time, she has decorated the visiting room with blown-up pictures of a blooming spring and filled the place with artificial spring flowers. She waits for him all adorned in a spring dress and sings him a happy spring tune. After this meet, YEON brings JIN all the seasons in her next visits.

    In the meantime, YEON also tells her husband that she is seeing someone else. Her husband doesn’t believe her but becomes suspicious. JIN on the other hand gradually accepts YEON’s efforts and opens up to her as YEON shows constant devotion despite his outbursts.

    One day, her husband follows her to the prison and witnesses an intimate exchange between YEON and JIN. The jealous husband drags her home and tries to separate the new couple. While forced to be apart, time wines down for JIN’s execution. But the two are already attached to one another more than her husband assumed -- more than life and death. And desperate YEON finds a way to elude her husband and help JIN out of his miseries.